What should be in my stomach flu survival kit?

Being prepared and having the essentials on hand can help you worry less about a stomach bug striking the house. I recommend that anyone with kids should have a waterproof mattress cover on each bed at all times. They are inexpensive and can be purchased at Walmart. I also recommend keeping a plastic trash can in everyone's bedroom at all times. Here are the other essentials that I recommend.

Stomach Bug Survival Kit

Here are other important items that you should try to have on hand.


Laundry detergent

Paper towels

Spare sheets and waterproof mattress covers to change beds after the initial surprise throw up at 2am.

I personally prefer to keep children who are just vomiting in their own beds/rooms to quarantine them. I give them a plastic trash can lined with a white draw string trash bag to throw up into. Every time they throw up, I change the bag. (I would be there with gloves on and a face mask.) However, if the person is having diarrhea too, they will need to be in the bathroom (unless it is a young child in diapers).