If you just vomit one time, could it still be a virus?

Answer: Yes

We all know that the worst stomach bugs are those that cause non-stop vomiting for hours and hours. However, sometimes a person just vomits one time. Sometimes it is caused by something they ate or too much coughing or something else besides a virus. However, sometimes a virus can produce just one vomit or no vomit at all. We only know for sure that it was a contagious illness when someone else comes down with it a day or so later. Once my daughter had a stomach bug where she only vomiting a tiny bit one time. However, she had a low fever and did not eat that day. Unfortunately, my young son caught it from her so I know it was a virus. So, treat any vomiting as a virus until proven otherwise.

--Annie Pryor, Ph.D.

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My 1 year old son vomited on a Tuesday early in the morning with no other symptoms and no recurrence. The next afternoon I began vomiting and the cascade began with another family member joining in the fun every couple hours. By late Wednesday my husband, 5 year old, 3 year old and myself were all vomiting while the baby remained symptom free. By Thursday morning everyone seemed to be in recovery mode and we spent the day sleeping but not vomiting. By Friday we all felt pretty good. Until that afternoon when my 3 year old had a relapse- he vomited one time. He didn't vomit again for 82 hours and then threw everything up again. He was the only one continuing to demonstrate this symptom.