How do you clean vomit and diarrhea out of the carpet and kill norovirus?

Answer: Clorox® Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfecting Cleaner

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Even when a child aims for the trash can, some throw up usually lands on the carpet. Also, there isn't a diaper on earth that can hold the liquid diarrhea of a baby or toddler. So, how do you clean a carpet with vomit or diarrhea on it AND kill norovirus? You can't put chlorine bleach on the carpet or it will turn white. Lysol disinfectant spray kills norovirus (in 10 minutes) but does not work well on dirty surfaces.  I don't think Lysol would effectively penetrate the carpet. Also, if you sprayed a lot of Lysol on the carpet, you would need to evacuate the room because of the strong fumes. I tried the Little Green Carpet Steamer but it produced "mist" more than "steam". Unless your carpet is too hot to touch, you are not killing norovirus. I have searched and searched and I can't find a single CARPET cleaner that claims to kill norovirus. However, I have found a great product that DOES kill norovirus in 1 minute that I use on the carpet. Even though the product doesn't SAY that you can use it on carpet, I have used it to clean vomit and diarrhea off of my carpet with no problems. It is Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfecting Cleaner. It does not bleach clothes or carpet and only produces mild fumes. It is not available in stores but it is available on amazon. Sometimes it is sold out so check back the next day if the amazon listing says "currently unavailable". 

I cleaned the carpet next to my 8 year old son's bed recently when he vomited with Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfecting Cleaner spray. First, I used paper towel to get up the chunks. Then I sprayed the carpet until it was soaked and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then I continued wiping and scrubbing with paper towel until it looked clean. Then I sprayed a little more on there and let it dry. The carpet seems perfectly fine now. No one else caught his sickness. My 2 year old also had diarrhea a few times recently and some leaked onto the carpet. I used the Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide spray again and it worked great. I can't guarantee that it won't hurt YOUR carpet but is sure works great on my light brown carpet. 

If anyone knows of a real CARPET cleaner that kills norovirus, please let me know. phd.annie at Please check out my page of cleaning products that kill norovirus
--Annie Pryor, Ph.D.