Poofy Organics Independent Testing

Poofy Organics I am Goddess Vesta Spirited Mint All-Purpose Cleaner

In this experiment, I tested the Poofy Organics I am Goddess Vesta Spirited Mint All-Purpose Cleaner and the Poofy Organics Clean Clappers hand cleanser. These products do not even claim to kill any percentage of germs. I did the experiment just like I always do. I used germ water with dirt and extra bacteria. I put 1mL of germ water onto each square on my countertop. I spread it around the square and let it completely dry. 

Then I added .5mL of each product to its square and rubbed it around. I let the products sit for 5 minutes and then swabbed. I incubated the agar plates for 24 hours. 

In this next experiment, I compared the Goddess Cleaner to Ava Anderson bathroom cleaner. 

As you can see, the Goddess Cleaner and the Clean Clappers did not possess any strong bacteria killing power. However, that doesn't mean it is not a worthy cleaner. It smells DIVINE and may clean (remove dirt and oil with the help of a cloth) very well. So, use it if you like it, but don't count on it to kill raw chicken germs.